Helsinki was dark.
The language was difficult.
The tower was packed.
The metro was orange-red.
Arabia was attainable.
The timing was punctual.
The lectures were boring.
The audience was patient.
The design was beautiful.
The weather was drizzly.
The street was endless.
The night was uncanny.
The directions were divergent.
The quay was painted.
The boats were waiting.
Philosophy was overestimated.
The meal was delicious.
The presents were expensive.
The flight was quiet.
The landing was bumping.
The knowledge seems plural.

Dirk Verhaegen,
november 2009



De litanie van alle heiligen.
De litanie van sommige heiligen.
De som van alle heiligen.
De som van sommige heiligen.
De litanie van alle sommen.
De litanie van sommige sommen.
De som van alle litanieën.
De som van sommige litanieën.
De litanie van alle litanieën.
De litanie van sommige litanieën.
De heilige som van sommigen.
De heilige som van allen.
Alle sommen van de heiligen.
Alle heilige sommen.
Sommige heilige sommen.
De litanie van alle heilige sommen.
De litanie van sommige heilige sommen.
Sommige sommen van de heiligen.
Sommige sommen van sommige heiligen.
Alle sommen van alle heiligen.
Alle litanieën van de sommen.
Alle litanieën van de heiligen.
Sommige litanieën van de heiligen.
Sommige litanieën van sommige sommen.
De opsomming van de litanieën.
De opsomming van de heiligen.
De opsomming van de sommen.
Sommige opsommingen.
Sommige heilige opsommingen.
Alle heilige opgesomde opsommingen,
in de eeuwen der eeuwen. Amen

Dirk Verhaegen
(Helsinki, 23-24.11.2009)